Tuesday, July 20, 2010

... In the infamous words of Lauren Caldwell!

How do the rest of the lyrics go?

Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play
And we ride on them things like every day
Big beats, hit streets, see gangsta's roamin'
And parties dont stop til' eight in the mornin'

In true ADPi consultant fashion.. we need to change these words.

Welcome to Atlanta where the Consultants play
And we go to training like every day
Big names, fun games, see ReGe's comin'
And I heard she talks til' 3 in the mornin'

Haha, oh the memories!! Training is what made my group so close! I remember some sessions more than others. The women that you meet at training are some of our finest IO's. It's neat to spend time with them on such a different level! Some are more fun, while others are more informational, but they all love ADPi and have the same passion that you do. It's such a great experience and I'm so excited that these women are about to experience the infamous ADPi Cram Session!!

Good luck to each of you!! L&L


  1. VI!!! I'm honored :) This post was fabulous!

    Can't you and Jackie come back...?

    We need tour guides for the list you made us :)