Friday, August 6, 2010

Move In Day at U of A!!!!

I absolutely LOVE this. I love the look of it, the words: so simple but so impactful.

"Lead me. Guide me.
Walk beside me."

That's my motto as an LC I think. To make a difference and to inspire; not to command and do for them.

Things I learned/realized today!
  1. Don't print out 27 8X10's at CVS. I just spent $188.
  2. Who knew CVS had a huge liquor section?
  3. Should have brought a coffee maker!
  4. Broadway (my new favorite street) is getting even better. I mentioned yesterday that there is a starbucks, chic fil a and target all in the same plaza. Well also on this street is the CVS and JIMMY JOHNS!! (only my fave sandwich place EVER!)
  5. My food heaven continues: BJ's, Dunkin Donuts, Pei Wei, Jamba Juice... I just am loving my daily drives.
Things I accomplished:
  1. Completed my first run at U of A. Their campus is beautiful. 645 is a perfect time to go for a run. It's still light out, and the temperature is perfect!
  2. I completed mine and Regan's binder!
  3. I unpacked every ounce of my stuff.
  4. I created a nice photo mural on one of my walls!
Wish list continued:
  1. ipod clock/radio holder
  2. tv
  3. fan

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